Pluto/Uranus Square

“Enchanted and spellbound,   in the silence they lingered

And rowed the boat as the light grew steadily strong

And the birds were silent as they listened for the heavenly music

And the river played the song…” Van Morrison, Piper at the Gates of Dawn

The influence of the Pluto/Uranus conjunction – one of the signatures of 2012 Astrology – is growing stronger and will be exact for the first time in June. This aspect has to do with the evolutionary changes occurring on the earth now, including the tsunamis, earthquakes and stronger than usual storms.  One of the questions symbolized by this aspect concerns how we inhabit the earth and whether there are more harmonious ways to do so. Throughout time people have found inspiration and healing by visiting hidden springs and mystical sites. It is a good time now to visit or find special places that have that kind of meaning and significance for you. It can be as small as a local fountain – a place that can restore peace and tranquility in trying times and allow for a more meaningful spiritual and personal connection to the earth.

New Moon in Taurus

Ancient texts refer to lightning as the “hand of God” and say that if a person survives a lightning strike they can experience instantaneous enlightenment. One of the Sabian symbols associated with the new Moon at 1 degree of Taurus April 21 is “An Electrical Storm Illuminates the Heavens and Forests.” Lightning needs a ground and through the 26th it bodes well to provide extra down time and expect the unexpected – as the electrical Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Aries comes into play once again. The information coming through will likely not be easily integrated initially but will become clear over time.

Sabian Symbols from 360 Degrees of Wisdom by Lynda Hill

Mars moves direct, Saturn opposes the Sun

It is a good time to implement any lessons learned  or new initiatives born  under the recent Mars and Mercury retrograde periods (since late January)  –particularly those associated with creating better health by improving daily routine. The Sun’s current opposition to Saturn now indicates progress will be made through careful planning, discipline and perseverance.

Pluto and Mars station

We are in the midst of transformative energies this week with two planetary stations. Pluto stations retrograde Tuesday at 12:21 pm EDT and Friday, Mars will station direct at 11:53 pm EDT. Through the weekend it bodes well to listen more carefully to intuitions and insights – particularly any related to improving the way we go about actualizing our personal goals and visions.

The Mars station on Friday will be signaling an end to a cycle (since late January) that has been frustrating for many people. It is a good time to set in motion any new insights to improve health, daily routine and general wellbeing.

April 2012 Astrology

“The question is not who is better or more honest, but who will gain more freedom from all fear, who will gain the peace and joy the masters have spoken of.” George Fowler

As Mars prepares to station direct mid month, the first two weeks provide an excellent review period about personal empowerment and self esteem. During the retrograde period (since January 24) any obstacles encountered are best seen as a heads to up develop more awareness about how we customarily  use our power and what our expectations are about that process. It has been a good time to look at how we create what we desire and to upgrade any assumptions or approaches we have outgrown. 

Through midmonth is also a good time to look what role confusion, helplessness or a sense of victimhood have in our relationship to personal power. We live in a time when victimhood can seem to surround us in the world – even the people in power seem helpless. It is better not to buy into this kind of unhealthy paradigm but to look at what is falling away in our perceptions and in our lives which enables us to live from a more healthy and empowered perspective.

Venus enters Gemini on the third making the beginning of the month a good time for socializing – particularly after  Mercury stations direct on the 4th.

The Moon waxes full on the 6th in Libra. This could be a romantic and sentimental time for relationships. Neptune does blur the lines between illusion and reality so enjoy the moment but it is best not to make any serious long term relationship decisions under this influence.

The Sun will be opposing Saturn from the 7th through the 19th. Use this time to execute plans and be pragmatic. Goals will be met through perseverance and persistence.  Obstacles can occur during this time – make sure to leave extra time to deal with them and keep the focus on the long term.

On the 10th Pluto stations retrograde and on the 13th Mars stations direct. This is powerful planetary energy and is good for hard work and accomplishment. It is important to get plenty of exercise around this time. Power struggles can arise more easily but it is best to stay focused on the tasks at hand.

A diplomatic approach to others is the best strategy throughout the month. Relationship issues can be on the front burner. We are living in a time of shifting paradigms which can be challenging for relationships with rigid dynamics or expectations as personal growth and development can rock the boat.  Keep in mind- not all the information is in until the end of April.

The Sun enters Taurus on the 19th followed by the New Moon in Taurus on the 21st. The end of the month provides excellent timing for getting energized about new ideas and projects.

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Weekend Astrology

 Saturday 3/24 the Sun in Aries moves up to an exact conjunction with Uranus making this an active time as well as a time for innovative and out of the box thinking. Retrograde Mercury re- enters Pisces and the Sabian symbol for this late degree is, “Light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism.” This symbol is a reminder that wisdom and insight come through many sources. Create an open space for the path forward and let intuitive insights illuminate the way.

*Sabian symbol references from Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom

Vernal Equinox and New Moon

Trickster energy abounds this week as we approach the Vernal Equinox on Tuesday 3/20 and the New Moon on Thursday 3/22. As the Sun and Moon both enter Aries this week they aspect Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, Mercury which is retrograde and Pluto the lord of transformation. This week with its new rush of Spring energy is a very good time for setting clear intentions about the future which include the willingness to let go of what has been blocking the way – outmoded ways of thinking, feeling and being. Keep track of evolving ideas – not all the information is in.


Mercury Stations Retrograde

 “I want to know the mind of God. The rest is all details.” Albert Einstein

Mercury stations retrograde on Monday March 12 EDT at 6 degrees of Aries and travels retrograde until April 4th. Mercury and Uranus are together at the time of the station making this a high energy time when there can be startling messages, events and revelations. This dynamic pair is known for Higher Mind and off the grid intelligence so messages at this time may have a significance that is not readily apparent. Technology may be impacted- echoing the concerns about solar flares on the grid. One note about the solar flares – the Sun in Astrology rules the conscious mind and when we receive energy of this type beaming towards our planet from the Sun it is a wake- up call about the level of consciousness with which we normally operate. It points the way to the future that is more evolved and where a higher state of consciousness is used to determine the future and solve problems.

Full Moon in Virgo

 One of the Sabian symbols for the Full Moon at 18 degrees of Virgo on 3/8 is, “A square brightly illuminated on one side. ” This symbol speaks of the power of perception – of how we see things. The polarity at this Full Moon is about the dynamic interplay of spirituality and pragmatism in our lives and how that affects our perception. It reminds us that fears and worries can be calmed and fresh perceptions can arise by taking a higher perspective.

Sabian Symbol references from Lynda Hill’s, 360 Degrees of Wisdom

March 2012 Astrology

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller

When I was new to the study of Astrology my sister called me and mentioned an intriguing, magical configuration in the sky that day – a mystic triangle.  March does not include a mystic rectangle but the aspects are indeed magical and bode well for increased opportunities for expansion in the realms of work, finances, romance and creativity if we are open to them.

The beginning of the month (through the 7th) gets off to a serious start Mercury and Venus aspect Saturn. These aspects provide a good time  to revisit and re- prioritize values – to update ideas about what we seriously value  in our lives now and to take steps to live more fully in that direction. It can be a time when it is easy to feel a lack of adequate resources or emotional support but it is best not to linger too long in a place of disempowerment.  Instead take an inspired or innovative approach.

From the 7th through the 15th there is a kite formation in the sky involving Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, Neptune, Venus and a number of asteroids.  This is a very good configuration for hope and optimism and brings expansion and opportunity to the realms of work, finances, creativity, relationship and romance. Expansion may come in exciting or unexpected ways.

The Full Moon is on the 8th at 18 degrees of Virgo.

Mercury stations retrograde on 3/12 at 6 degrees of Aries – close to the planet Uranus which governs the unexpected. There can be surprising realizations and revelations which occur under this retrograde period (through 4/1). Technology may be more impacted – it bodes well to make any necessary repairs before the station and provide good backup for information as well. Overall the theme of awakening – personal and planetary –  is very much in the forefront and events that occur are likely to be casting the light on paths we need to take and those we need to move away from to create  a more healthy and sustainable future.

The Mercury retrograde will aspect Uranus nearly the entire month – through the 22nd. This is a high energy contact and can bring illuminations and revelations which can significantly alter our perceptions of the past and open a more dynamic path to the future. It is an aspect of the Higher Mind and off the grid intelligence.

It is good to provide extra restorative time all month for integration as well as accessing guidance from higher realms.

We are living in a time when transformation and evolution are on the table and like the Sixties – when Uranus and Pluto were also together in strong aspect- there is considerable resistance and backlash. It is best to focus on positive visions for the future – regardless of whether they are in the mainstream dialogue or not.

There have always been periods throughout history when evolutionary shifts have occurred and customary ways of doing business have been made irrelevant over night. We have seen this in our own time with the advances in technology and computers which have rendered time honored ways of operating obsolete in ways which could not have even have been described in centuries past.

There are ways that could vastly change and improve the ways we inhabit our lives now that we are not even aware of. It is a time of innovation and discovery.

The Vernal Equinox is 3/20 – the official start of Spring when the Sun enters Aries. The Sun at that powerful 0 degree point will be conjunct Uranus – continuing this theme of awakening. There can be sudden, unexpected events at this time – look for the underlying message about the future and what needs to be transformed.

The New Moon is on 3/22 at 2 degrees of Aries conjunct Uranus – boding well for intention setting about new endeavors. Dream big and be dynamic.

The end of the month provides a good time for spiritual growth and creative projects as Mercury moves into Pisces on 3/23.