The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter

“We fear the sunrise in us.” Michael Murphy
Jupiter the planet of hope, optimism and expansion is strong in the sky through the weekend as the Sun and Mercury align harmoniously with it. It is a great time for learning, for teaching, for traveling – for anything that broadens your perspective and broadens your horizons. Jupiter also governs faith and it is good time to be in touch with the philosophy that provides hope  and inspiration in your life and see if it needs to be expanded.

Eris – the goddess of discord -is strong in the sky now and is shaking things up – bringing things to the surface that previously have been hidden. It is a good time to look at ways you may habitually and unnecessarily limit your life’s possibilities and opportunities. Saturn is in Sagittarius now and this has to do with looking at life as an adventure.

It is a good time to put into practice ways things that will  improve your health and overall well being over time.

Saturn – the planet of Father Time – is retrograde in Sagittarius now through the end of September. People with Saturn retrograde in their astrology charts can have trouble with being in time in the right way. This can result in situations like feeling you are always behind or assuming that because things “haven’t happened” that they are not going to happen. It bodes well to look at what your relationship to time is.

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Mercury, Pluto and the North Node

“Once you have seen the larger pattern, you cannot go back to seeing the part as the whole.” Ursula K. Le Guin

Through early next week Mercury – the planet governing thinking and communication – will make a favorable alignment with Pluto – the Lord  of the Underworld. This is an excellent time to deepen your thinking, to be open to information you may have overlooked and to identify and shed outdated concepts of yourself, what you value and how you think of your life’s direction.

Make space for increased clarity and an evolved sense of wholeness. Information is available about how to proceed along your life path if you raise awareness and are attuned to it as Mercury also aligns favorably with the North Node of destiny. Be open to something new.

One of the blessings of retrograde periods – Mars is retrograde now through the end of June- is that in our fast moving, forward looking times, they provide a natural time frame for reconsideration and reassessment. With Mars retrograde through the end of June there is a good opportunity to review what you feel deeply passionate about and how you implement and direct your power.

It bodes well to go through your belongings and get rid of  objects that hold old energy or represent associations you have outgrown.

Like the snake it is time to shed an old skin and transform.