Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

“Great powers flow into us as we empty ourselves of false concepts and attachments; and these powers could help us in every way to heal our degraded inner and outer worlds.” Andrew Harvey

Once when I was studying with a Wisdom School out west, I called the office on the day of an eclipse. The person who answered told me the staff had just left to head to a special place in a nearby canyon to honor the eclipse.

Throughout time eclipses have been observed as significant occurrences. Their influence can be felt in advance and after the eclipse itself. They represent evolutionary doorways.

With Chiron conjunct the Moon in Pisces in today’s eclipse feelings can run high – particularly feelings about the past, family of origin and self esteem. If you feel that these areas of your life are in need of an update, this eclipse provides good timing for it. Let go of old baggage.

Like my friends out west, the ancients would often invoke guidance or assistance from  “spiritus loci” – the spirit of the place – at significant times as they traveled along their spiritual path. If there is a place in nature that you feel embodies this type of energy for you, it is wise to visit it over the next few days.