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Amelia Shea Tarot Card Reader and Astrologer
Wilton, NH 03086

Tarot Card and Astrology Readings
Specializing in Women’s Issues and Spirituality

“Amelia Shea is startlingly accurate and insightful . Her readings are instructive, unconditionally loving and inevitably providential. Amelia sheds bright light with love, assurance and gracious wit.”

I do most Astrology and Tarot Card Readings by phone, but can also arrange for written readings by email and in-person readings  in Wilton, NH and readings on Skype. I consult with clients on a broad range of issues.


I normally leave time to book some readings on short notice and offer 15 minute readings as well as longer ones. Please get in touch about availability if you are interested. I like to make readings available as they are needed.


People call me for consultations on a broad range of issues. Often people are looking for information about relationship issues with partners or family members. Or the best way to find a relationship. I work with artists and writers and people who are trying to find the next step in their creative work. I work with doctors who need more insight into their patients.

Often people want to learn about upcoming job opportunities -how to find a job, to ask if a job would be a good fit or if a better opportunity might present itself in the future. I do readings that provide information about what a specific job would be like  – what the atmosphere would be like in the office or how the relationships with co-workers would be.

People call about buying or selling a house, whether a house or certain location would be a good fit and lots of different matters including advice on how to  best work on resolving relationship issues with others at work or at home. I do readings for grieving families.

People who are new to Tarot Readings often are nervous about what I might tell them. I explain that it I do see a challenge arising in the future, I always discuss various strategies for dealing with it or avoiding it entirely.  In Tarot readings the long term future is not set in stone.

I am a long time student of the Mysteries  –   the Tarot, Astrology, archetypal psychology, feminist spirituality and Anthroposophy. I have studied Jungian Astrology at the Center for Psychological Astrology in London and Peruvian shamanism with The Four Winds Society.

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I do  Tarot Card and Astrology readings for clients across the US – in Seattle, San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma and Napa as well as abroad.

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“Oh Amelia- Thank you so much for shedding some light on my dark worries.” A manager on the east coast.

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Amelia Shea Tarot Card Reader and Astrologer Wilton, NH 03086