Tarot and astrology readings can be very helpful in ascertaining direction and can provide key information at life’s difficult crossroads. (see Testimonials.)

I suggest that new clients start with a 15 minute tarot card reading. This is a cost-efficient way to find out about the work I do.

Tarot Card and Astrology Readings are done by Phone, Email,  Zoom and in person in Wilton, NH.

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot card readings are available at the rate of:
$30 for 15 minutes
$60 per half hour
$120 per hour

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These readings are based on the scholarly work of Martin Schulman and address karmic gifts and struggles present in this life as well as past lives. The readings provide pragmatic, practical methods for actualizing the gifts and dealing with the challenges that are often mirrored and repeated from the early childhood and throughout the evolution of the life phases.

 Compatibility Consultations

These readings provide concrete advice about the potentials  of partnerships or relationships as well as how to handle any problem areas.

Astrology Readings

Natal chart reading: The birth chart reading looks into the complexity of your life’s map.It shows inherent gifts, challenges and strengths. Also I will briefly address any significant transits to the chart that are impacting on your life now. 1 hour long. $150.

Relationship Readings: This Astrology reading addresses the relationship between two individual’s charts and is helpful in understanding and resolving relationship issues and conflicts that arise. Normally these readings are an hour long, $150 taped, but I can consult on this briefly as well using my regular rate structure.

Transit Chart: I recommend that a transit chart be done yearly – very often, clients do this on their birthday to ascertain information about the upcoming year. Also makes a very nice gift. 1 hour long, taped. $150

Children’s Charts: An astrology chart can be very helpful in understanding your child’s inner life. The natal chart reveals the child’s unique set of gifts and challenges & can help with decisions regarding education, appropriate guidance and conflict resolution. $150.

Questions about timing: Astrology can be a very helpful too in choosing times for life’s important events: business incorporations, real estate transactions, weddings , surgeries etc. $40 per question.

Gift certificates are available for Tarot Card readings and Astrology readings.

Please call or email me for more information: (603) 654-1043, cellphone at (603) 924-0056, or by email.