What clients say about Amelia’s work

“You have been the key to so many locked doors during this process. Thank you so much.” … a client on the west coast.

“Thank you for the astrology readings and for the ongoing guidance and support.  As a woman in public life,  the process of becoming district attorney has been so stressful. I found the information very helpful.” a client in the US.

“You know those ancient medieval maps that say, ‘ Here Be the Dragons?’ Well I am so glad that I had the reading with you because I had created a map for my life and you showed me where the dragons were.'”   –A financial consultant in the Midwest

“It’s a real blessing that life brought me your way.”… an acupuncturist on the west coast.

“You have been such a vital partner in this unfolding.”… A writer/poet/teacher

“Your reading has been so impactful on my personal decisions during this crazy time in our world.  I will keep thanking you!” A client on the west coast

“When I have a reading with you I feel like I am listening to my Spirit Whisperer.” A poet in New England

“I so  appreciate your insights and solid advice. It’s always encouraging to speak with you.” A landscape architect and Tai Chi instructor in New England.

“You are the Astrological Queen of all my dreams! Thank you dearly for all these years of insight into the stars and planets. Embrace the beautiful Light that you are and continue to touch the hearts and souls of many. Blessings to you. Om Shanti”….  an artist in western Mass.

“Amelia Shea is startlingly accurate and insightful . Her readings are instructive, unconditionally loving and inevitably providential. Amelia sheds bright light with love, assurance and gracious wit- hold on to your chair!”… Medical Librarian, Nepal.

“I forgot to add that your advice and insights help enormously.  It takes a great deal of the sting out of things I can do little about.” a client out west.

“Thanks for your thoughtful and encouraging reading. You’ve helped us get through a rough patch. All the best.”
… a client on the East coast

“Thank you for your gifts, you have given me much to consider.”-  A client in Mexico

“Again, I feel so blessed that our paths have crossed at this time.”….. a client on the West Coast

“Thank you for the advice to ‘cultivate courage and serenity in the face of uncertainty.’ It was very helpful to me.”… a client on the West coast.

“Please let me know a time we can connect again. This hour has been so great for me. I feel nurtured and nourished. My mind so less burdened.  An I.T. Manager on the West Coast

“Thank you for being such a wonderful guide, ally and support.” A manager on the east coast

“Thank you Amelia! Your words were very helpful. Especially when you reminded me of my warrior woman energy – being an Aries and the importance of advocating for my own needs in the situation.”
…A client on the East Coast

You are by far one of the most gifted psychics I have ever met.”
… a client in NY

“Appreciate your thoughts and help very much.” … A therapist on the east coast

“Thank you for the wonderful guidance you provided me yesterday. You have a great ability to convey the messages I need to hear in a way that is empowering, helpful, and gives me hope. I truly appreciate you and your work!”… a client on the East coast

“My friend who was in crisis is doing well and a big chunk of that is due to your extraordinary grace and presence that day for her. It was deeply recognized by both of us.”… a corporate consultant.

Testimonials“You did a great job, Amelia. I loved the reading.”… a client in Florida.

“It was both a pleasure and a comfort to talk with you today. Thank you! I feel like I’m finally on the right path these days and you helped to affirm that.”… a client in NJ.

Testimonials“Amelia Shea combines intuition and insight with loving support . Her advice has been invaluable to me in making decisions about my career, relationships and life direction.”
… Therapist, Boulder Co.

“Thank you Amelia. You saw something coming which I had no idea about, and you were right. Thanks for your advice and support. I love your positive attitude.”
… Teacher, Portland, ME

“Thank you so much for your wise advice in dealing with our family crisis. I appreciate your positive attitude and the inspiration you have brought to our situation. It was a healing experience for us.”
… Attorney, Chicago, IL

“At this time of family crisis, you have been an important person in my life. Thank you so much.”
… IT Professional, Southampton, LI, NY

“I have really enjoyed receiving your astrology updates – I find them insightful and inspiring, and they resonate with me in a profound way.”…a client in Canada

“Thank you. I appreciate your understanding of the signs and you do a beautiful job of putting them in context.”a client on the East coast

Thanks so much for fitting me in today. It has been so helpful to check in with you over the years when I’ve had to make a decision on short notice.”  a consultant in Marin County

“I have had a subscription to your astrology updates  @ my old email address & am eager to get them at my new email address….your wisdom and powerful writing is something I deeply treasure – many thanks for being you! and for sharing your deep wisdom…” a reader in New England


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