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What people are saying about Amelia’s astrology updates:

“I have really enjoyed receiving your astrology updates – I find them insightful and inspiring, and they resonate with me in a profound way.”…a client in Canada

“You are the Astrological Queen of all my dreams! Thank you dearly for all these years of insight into the stars and planets. Embrace the beautiful Light that you are and continue to touch the hearts and souls of many. Blessings to you. Om Shanti”….  an artist in western Mass.

“Hi Amelia – I wanted to let you know that over the years I have received countless postings of astrology and spiritual insight. I always find myself deleting all the rest or removing myself from their lists and just saving yours and reading them when I am ready. The preciseness and quick read of yours keeps me interested and a loyal reader.- Thank you for being you!”….a client on the West coast

“I read nearly every one of your posts. They certainly help to keep me focused. Thanks for being on the case, and being accessible!” a client in the media

“In your May forecast thank you for the advice to ‘cultivate courage and serenity on the face of uncertainty.’ It was very helpful to me.”a client on the West coast.

“You phrase things so magically!”….a therapist in Colorado

“I have had a subscription to your astrology updates  @ my old email address & am eager to get them at my new email address….your wisdom and powerful writing is something I deeply treasure – many thanks for being you! and for sharing your deep wisdom…” a reader in New England

“Thank you. I appreciate your understanding of the signs and you do a beautiful job of putting them in context.”a client on the East coast

“You are such a magical writer!” a client in VT

“Once again this hits the nail on the head for me!  Reading this makes me aware (convinced really) of how I need to move forward in a particular relationship with an old and dear friend.
I am always so grateful for your insight.  Thank you.” …..a client in VT


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