Tarot Classes

classesIndividual Tutorials
For individual students I teach long distance classes on the history and practical use of the Tarot. The classes run for a five week period. There is required reading for each session and a weekly email consult in which we do a Tarot Card reading.

Questions about the Tarot
If you have specific questions about the Tarot and Tarot Card readings I do consults over the phone and in person. Call for rates and more info.

“Tarot for Beginners” class

I am teaching a regular class, “Tarot for Beginners ” in Peterborough, NH. The class covers some history and lore surrounding the origins of the Tarot Deck, basic interpretations of the cards and a formula for doing readings which apply the principles to everyday life.

The class is informal and provides a blend of lecturing and hands on experience. It meets weekly for a five week period.

Class size is very limited. Call for information /registration: 603.654.1043 or by cellphone at 603.924.0056

“Tarot Two” class

This class is appropriate for anyone with a basic understanding of the Tarot deck. I n the class we will explore further themes and lore surrounding the cards, look more deeply into the meaning and mysteries of the Major and Minor Arcana and have plenty of time for developing “hands on experience” at reading the cards.

The class is small in size and informal. It meets weekly for a five week period.

Long distance classes are available on the phone and by email.

Contact Amelia for more information or to sign up for a class, by phone at 603.654.1043, by cellphone at 603.924.0056 or by email.