Venus and Juno

“Maturity and energy in our work is not granted freely to human beings but must be adventured and discovered, cultivated and earned. It is the result of application, dedication, an indispensable sense of humor and above all a never-ending, courageous conversation with ourselves, those with whom we work and those whom we serve. It is a long journey; it calls on both the ardors of youth and the perspectives of a longer view. It is achieved through a lifelong pilgrimage.” David Whyte.
As Venus and and Juno form a favorable alignment this week and Jupiter moves closer to the North Node of destiny and life path, it bodes well to think about the commitments in your life – personal as well as professional – and how you would like to evolve those commitments into the future. Venus and Juno are in the partnership sign of Libra and so it is wise to consider how you would like to evolve the relationships involved and what you are willing to do to make that happen.