Venus, Uranus and Pluto

“To love is not a state; it is a direction.” Simone Weil

Venus is coming up to a conjunction to Uranus in Aries – the love at first sight aspect. It will also be squaring Pluto. These aspects symbolize a time when old lovers or lovers from another lifetime may appear or reappear in our lives. Uranus/ Venus relationships are electrifying- surprising and usually have an erratic or unusual quality to them. Venus/Pluto aspects can symbolize a profound and passionate connection in which moderation is key but can be challenging to achieve and maintain.

Once when I was selling air time for a radio station I dropped in at a local nightclub to meet the owner. I was startled when he greeted me at the door – he looked exactly like my much missed ex husband who was living abroad at the time. There was quite the Mercurial energy afoot- he and my ex could have literally been identical twins (and they were both Gemini’s – the sign of twins.)

In the course of our rambling conversation when we were discussing astrology, I told him that it was my birthday. He then excitedly jumped up on a chair and started taking down all the prints from the wall of his office. He handed me an awkwardly stacked bundle of framed artwork with a big smile and from behind a cloud of sheet rock dust and said, “Happy Birthday!”

It turned out that in addition to being a night club owner (as was my ex) he was an inventor. I have always been fascinated by Uranian people who invent things. He was trying to get a patent for his latest product which although I can’t remember exactly what it was, I do remember that it flew.

Some days later he drove out to our house up in the hills and I showed him a neighboring field which would be perfect, he said for a demonstration. On the way home he told me that he was also a poet and that he had brought his most recent book of poetry as a present for me.

The book was entitled, “I Love You Whether You Love Me or Not.” When in trying times- as many people have been experiencing lately under the recent astrological influences- I try to bring to mind the title of his book.

I don’t remember seeing him again after that day.

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