Mercury Stations Retrograde

 “I want to know the mind of God. The rest is all details.” Albert Einstein

Mercury stations retrograde on Monday March 12 EDT at 6 degrees of Aries and travels retrograde until April 4th. Mercury and Uranus are together at the time of the station making this a high energy time when there can be startling messages, events and revelations. This dynamic pair is known for Higher Mind and off the grid intelligence so messages at this time may have a significance that is not readily apparent. Technology may be impacted- echoing the concerns about solar flares on the grid. One note about the solar flares – the Sun in Astrology rules the conscious mind and when we receive energy of this type beaming towards our planet from the Sun it is a wake- up call about the level of consciousness with which we normally operate. It points the way to the future that is more evolved and where a higher state of consciousness is used to determine the future and solve problems.