Mercury Retrograde and Revelation

“Revelation is a window on the journey of the soul.”  F. Aster Barnwell

“Lightning strikes maybe once, maybe twice
And it lights up the night.” Stevie Nicks

Mercury stations retrograde today 3/22 EDT. Mercury stations can represent a culmination of information. It is wise for two or three days before and after  the station to be in tune with any information of this kind that surfaces.

Through next week there are some testy aspects involving Mars, Saturn and the Sun.  These aspects bode well for a revision or reassessment of plans. It is wise under these influences to look at the way you put plans in motion and how you carry them through to see if any improvements can be made.

And do watch for people who may enter your life under the Venus/Uranus aspect which is building and will reach a conjunction next week. Uranus governs lightning and unexpected events. It is the planet of evolution and the future and governs technologies and inventions – such as cyber technologies – that are ahead of their time and often, the legal system.

When paired up with Venus, Uranus  is a game changer aspect in terms of love and friendship.  It can bring someone into your life who can open up a more innovative way of approaching life and relationships.

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