Magic, Wonder and Neptune

“God is alive and magic is afoot.” Leonard Cohen

One of my favorite Tarot cards is the Ten of Pentacles. It depicts an ancestral castle. Inside the gates stand the King and Queen, two children and two white dogs. At the gate stands a Magus or magician who is wearing a long cape embroidered with astrological symbols. The children and the dogs see the Magus; the adults do not. The Magus represents the mystery and magic in everyday life which is visible to us if we are open to it.

Today when I was down at the Recycling Center people were going about their routine tasks in a methodical, humdrum way. But when I approached the corner of the building where tin and aluminum cans are separated into bins, I could hear children’s laughter and could see a father standing nearby -his eyes sparkling as he jokingly asked “ Is it magnetized? Okay so where does it go?” as the children held a tin or aluminum can next to the magnet to see if it would stick.

The children were enlivened by the task as their father – magician like – evoked a sense of wonder and mystery at the forces at play.

With many planets in creative, imaginative Pisces now it is a good time to be open to the mystery and wonder in everyday life.

With Jupiter in Cancer ancestral influences are strong now. It is best to be conscious of being in touch with gifts from the ancestors and avoid inherited addictive thought and behavior patterns that may have come down through the bloodlines. It is a time to keep moving in a direction of personal authenticity – and away from beliefs, thoughts and patterns that we may have been exposed to but that do not represent our views in present time.