A Busy Week in the Starry Heavens

“Juno symbolizes the principle of relatedness. Through the vehicle of committed partnership she strives to realize a balanced union with another.”Demetra George

“All things new must change and only that which changes remains true.” Carl Jung

The week starts off as  Venus in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries. The placement of Jupiter here tends to exaggerate the qualities of Venus in terms of pleasure. It’s wise to keep moderation in mind and watch for the tendency to overdo.

Juno, the asteroid of marriage and commitment stations retrograde at 21 degrees of Pisces on Monday.  In ancient times Juno was known as the guardian of childbirth and she symbolized the feminine principle of celestial light. She was the birth goddess who led children into the light. Her main function evolved down as the patroness of married women and she presided over all ceremonies related to legal marriage.

In contemporary times Juno is known as the asteroid of commitment and rules over legal agreements related to marriage, business and finance. This retrograde period offers a good time to review your commitments  (romantic, business and financial.) Pisces is a spiritual sign and this retrograde period (through October 22, 2022 when Juno will station at 7 Pisces.) also provides a good time to review how your values come into line  with your partnerships. For instance, in terms of  investments – it’s a good time to look at whether companies you are supporting support your values or perpetuate unhealthy practices.

It’s also in general a good time to review commitments and see if they are in need of updating – given the many changes we are experiencing in the world now.

The big news in astrology this week is the Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction which is exact on August first but in effect now. This is a configuration of big change and is  likely to affect the fixed signs – Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio most strongly. It’s about breaking up resistance to change in order to  move forward in a more authentic and innovative way.  For instance if you are an Aquarius Sun, this can be about waking up to a new sense of yourself. With Mercury in Taurus  or one of the fixed signs, there can be an awakening to a new way of thinking.

It’s wise, as Uranus governs sudden and unexpected change, to assume that whatever occurs at this time, that it  is leading us in the direction of  heightened awareness.  In the sign of Taurus this alignment is related to the earth’s resources, finance and on a personal level, self worth and self love. It can bring events that can shake up awareness and put us on a better path towards the future.

Jupiter stations retrograde on Thursday – the day of the New Moon at 5 degrees of Leo. More on this later in the week,

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”The wonder of the constellations of stars in the night sky.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill


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