Wednesday’s Full Moon and This Week in a Nutshell

“Intuition connects us to the larger dance of creation and through the agency of synchronicity, keeps us all in touch with each other. Uranus is that electrical current we experience when, just as we are thinking of somebody, the phone rings and that very person is on the line, or when we are in need of a sign and open a book to a passage that provides just the guidance we seek.” Caroline W.Casey

“All spiritual growth requires walking the quiet path of patience.” Rilke

The Moon waxes full at 20 degrees of Pisces on Wednesday at 1:22 AM EDT. At this time the Moon will be making a  favorable alignment with Uranus – indicating a time when intuition is strong. The Moon will also be making a harmonious alignment with Jupiter – the planet of good luck, expansion and wisdom.

It’s a very good time to be open to intuitive guidance and innovative ways of thinking. It also is a time to appreciate and enjoy the good fortune in your life now. The aspects the Full Moon makes are what some people would call,”lucky stars.”

During the week Mercury will be aligning  harmoniously with Saturn and Pluto  providing a good time to see more deeply into areas in need of change and reformation in our lives- areas where old attitudes no longer work and are preventing growth.  It’s a good time to let go of old grievances.

Patience will be key this week  as Mars is slowing down to station retrograde and making challenging aspects to Saturn and Pluto. Mars will be retrograde September 9 through November 13. Mars is in Aries – his own sign – and when in forward motion speaks of action, desire, courage and movement. But when retrograde Mars can feel angry, impatient and frustrated. It’s wise to note that things may take more time, there may be more delays and things may become more heated under this influence.

The Mars retrograde is one of the most important transits of the year. Look to your chart to see where this is occurring and what this means for your life. Or call for a mini reading about it. I have discounted rates now for the Mars Retrograde Readings – $45 for half an hour, $75 an hour.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”A table set for an evening meal.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill


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