And Now for a Moment of Levity

There can be a somewhat somber feeling in the air around a Lunar Eclipse – one of which is tomorrow, Wednesday Jan 31.

But  it brightened my  day considerably today when I was driving home to have to stop and  let Pina Colada cross the road. Pina Colada is a chicken who lives with a family downtown in our small New England Village.  She was rescued from a dire fate by two little girls whose house is across the street from the cinema arts theatre in town. Pina Colada has her own house in the yard and is free to run during the day. Her first priority is to get over to the theatre where they give her a bowl of popcorn and a bowl of fresh water.

She then often can be seen in other areas  downtown. The police one day in particular enjoyed a call to the station about a chicken crossing the road. There has been occaisional concern about a hawk that dives down into her yard when she is running free but the staff at the theatre keeps an eye out for her  as do the patrons of the movie theatre who have to take care when parking there. Plus Pina Colada is savvy too and knows when to dive under a car.

In our topsy turvey times  of change , with Chiron and Neptune in Pisces – the sign of service to others – it’s good to remember the many good deeds that go on all the time around the globe that help to make the world a friendlier, kinder place.

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