June’s New Moon in Gemini

“Mercury has many aliases, one of which is Hermes, the Magician. Hermes presides over magic, education, culture and the connective language of correspondences in which the world is written. Hermes invented the alphabet and all means of communication. All alphabets were originally thought of as magically invocative. Not only words but letters were considered divine, each a simultaneous honoring and summoning of the force behind its symbol.” Caroline W. Casey

Mercury, the Magician and Roman god of many disguises is very much alive and among us now through the New Moon at 12 degrees of Gemini on Monday. In the Tarot deck Mercury is associated with the card of the Magician – the first card – associated with beginnings and how we create things. It is the card associated with single minded focus and concentration.

Mercury  in astrology is associated  with a bright, witty, curious, fast moving mind which needs to watch out for mental overload and becoming scattered and stressed. Do take more care with communications of all kinds now – especially impulsive speech and action.

At the time of the New Moon in Gemini, the Sun, Moon and Mercury will all be in this quicksilver sign – making today through the middle of next week – a good time  to provide for extra downtime for rest, rejuvenation and the integration of information.

It is wise at this time to keep  the Magician’s power of  focus and concentration in mind and to stay calmly in the present moment. The Jupiter Neptune square is active now forming a challenging aspect to the Sun and Moon. There can be a tendency for illusion and  upset due to fast moving communications.

New Moons bode well for setting and reaffirming intentions. Best to strengthen your resolve for your commitments. Venus is in a supportive aspect to Pluto, Saturn and the South Node indicating the wind is at your back for endeavors which involve transforming or improving self esteem, financial affairs and relationships with others. It is a good time to commit or recommit to that kind of process now.

Mercury is the messenger of all the gods and governs the wind and the  birds- who are often regarded as messengers themselves. Do make some time for a walk in the woods or a park or somewhere special to you and raise awareness of the wind and our feathered friends.

One of the Sabian symbols for the New Moon is,”Two people at widely different points, are in conversation with each other by means of telepathy.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill


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