Another Busy Week in the Starry Heavens

“Play is self discovery in the here and  now. It is spontaneous, yet has its own discipline. It is light yet potentially passionate. It is discovery, and it is enjoyment of one’s own and other’s possibilities, capacities and limitations. Most of all, if not all, great discoveries, even in science, have been the result of intense effort along with playful curiosity and joy of exploration on the part of the discoverer.” Edward Whitmont

“Margaret Mead defined an ideal community as one that has a place for every human gift.” Mary Pipher

The Sun and Mars are now in Leo and Mercury will join them this week. The sign of Leo, which governs the fifth house in the astrology chart, is associated with recreation-  but in the sense of re-creation. Fun which breaks up the hum drum of every day life and helps to bring to light a renewed sense of self. This is the season for it -for the next several weeks.

Wednesday Jupiter will retrograde back into the sign of Aquarius where it will remain until December 28. This transit bodes well for inventive thinking. It an awakener about the significance of community and the benefits of working together. It’s a  good time to collaborate with others of like mind.

Venus is moving up to a square to the Lunar Nodes. This provides a time that bodes well for the reconsideration of all things Venusian – self esteem, relationships and finances. It’s a good time for organizing things and catching up on paperwork as Venus in Virgo is a lover of order.

Mars will be widely opposing Jupiter this week. This can lend enthusiasm and energy. Just watch for “overshooting the mark” and for the tendency to be unnecessarily critical of others.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”A merry go-round.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill



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