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Weekend Astrology

 Saturday 3/24 the Sun in Aries moves up to an exact conjunction with Uranus making this an active time as well as a time for innovative and out of the box thinking. Retrograde Mercury re- enters Pisces and the Sabian symbol for this late degree is, “Light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism.” This symbol is a reminder that wisdom and insight come through many sources. Create an open space for the path forward and let intuitive insights illuminate the way.

*Sabian symbol references from Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom

Vernal Equinox and New Moon

Trickster energy abounds this week as we approach the Vernal Equinox on Tuesday 3/20 and the New Moon on Thursday 3/22. As the Sun and Moon both enter Aries this week they aspect Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, Mercury which is retrograde and Pluto the lord of transformation. This week with its new rush of Spring energy is a very good time for setting clear intentions about the future which include the willingness to let go of what has been blocking the way – outmoded ways of thinking, feeling and being. Keep track of evolving ideas – not all the information is in.


Mercury Stations Retrograde

 “I want to know the mind of God. The rest is all details.” Albert Einstein

Mercury stations retrograde on Monday March 12 EDT at 6 degrees of Aries and travels retrograde until April 4th. Mercury and Uranus are together at the time of the station making this a high energy time when there can be startling messages, events and revelations. This dynamic pair is known for Higher Mind and off the grid intelligence so messages at this time may have a significance that is not readily apparent. Technology may be impacted- echoing the concerns about solar flares on the grid. One note about the solar flares – the Sun in Astrology rules the conscious mind and when we receive energy of this type beaming towards our planet from the Sun it is a wake- up call about the level of consciousness with which we normally operate. It points the way to the future that is more evolved and where a higher state of consciousness is used to determine the future and solve problems.

Full Moon in Virgo

 One of the Sabian symbols for the Full Moon at 18 degrees of Virgo on 3/8 is, “A square brightly illuminated on one side. ” This symbol speaks of the power of perception – of how we see things. The polarity at this Full Moon is about the dynamic interplay of spirituality and pragmatism in our lives and how that affects our perception. It reminds us that fears and worries can be calmed and fresh perceptions can arise by taking a higher perspective.

Sabian Symbol references from Lynda Hill’s, 360 Degrees of Wisdom

March 2012 Astrology

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller

When I was new to the study of Astrology my sister called me and mentioned an intriguing, magical configuration in the sky that day – a mystic triangle.  March does not include a mystic rectangle but the aspects are indeed magical and bode well for increased opportunities for expansion in the realms of work, finances, romance and creativity if we are open to them.

The beginning of the month (through the 7th) gets off to a serious start Mercury and Venus aspect Saturn. These aspects provide a good time  to revisit and re- prioritize values – to update ideas about what we seriously value  in our lives now and to take steps to live more fully in that direction. It can be a time when it is easy to feel a lack of adequate resources or emotional support but it is best not to linger too long in a place of disempowerment.  Instead take an inspired or innovative approach.

From the 7th through the 15th there is a kite formation in the sky involving Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, Neptune, Venus and a number of asteroids.  This is a very good configuration for hope and optimism and brings expansion and opportunity to the realms of work, finances, creativity, relationship and romance. Expansion may come in exciting or unexpected ways.

The Full Moon is on the 8th at 18 degrees of Virgo.

Mercury stations retrograde on 3/12 at 6 degrees of Aries – close to the planet Uranus which governs the unexpected. There can be surprising realizations and revelations which occur under this retrograde period (through 4/1). Technology may be more impacted – it bodes well to make any necessary repairs before the station and provide good backup for information as well. Overall the theme of awakening – personal and planetary –  is very much in the forefront and events that occur are likely to be casting the light on paths we need to take and those we need to move away from to create  a more healthy and sustainable future.

The Mercury retrograde will aspect Uranus nearly the entire month – through the 22nd. This is a high energy contact and can bring illuminations and revelations which can significantly alter our perceptions of the past and open a more dynamic path to the future. It is an aspect of the Higher Mind and off the grid intelligence.

It is good to provide extra restorative time all month for integration as well as accessing guidance from higher realms.

We are living in a time when transformation and evolution are on the table and like the Sixties – when Uranus and Pluto were also together in strong aspect- there is considerable resistance and backlash. It is best to focus on positive visions for the future – regardless of whether they are in the mainstream dialogue or not.

There have always been periods throughout history when evolutionary shifts have occurred and customary ways of doing business have been made irrelevant over night. We have seen this in our own time with the advances in technology and computers which have rendered time honored ways of operating obsolete in ways which could not have even have been described in centuries past.

There are ways that could vastly change and improve the ways we inhabit our lives now that we are not even aware of. It is a time of innovation and discovery.

The Vernal Equinox is 3/20 – the official start of Spring when the Sun enters Aries. The Sun at that powerful 0 degree point will be conjunct Uranus – continuing this theme of awakening. There can be sudden, unexpected events at this time – look for the underlying message about the future and what needs to be transformed.

The New Moon is on 3/22 at 2 degrees of Aries conjunct Uranus – boding well for intention setting about new endeavors. Dream big and be dynamic.

The end of the month provides a good time for spiritual growth and creative projects as Mercury moves into Pisces on 3/23.

Tuesday’s Full Moon

 “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” Loren Eisley

 One of the Sabian symbols for Tuesday’s Full Moon at 18 Leo is,” A Houseboat Party Crowded with Revelers; the Water Reflects its Lights.” This symbol speaks of the sense of connection, of rejuvenation and re- creation that can occur when we spend time in celebration with kindred spirits. The sparkling water around the houseboat symbolizes opportunities for emotional and creative growth through joyful connection with others. The houseboat is held in place by an anchor – making this a good time to assess whether our lives are expansive enough with our current anchor or whether we need to cast off for new shores in some way. Another symbol associated with the Full Moon is “A Chemist Conducts an Experiment for this Students,” suggesting it is a good time to be in experimental mode – entertaining new ideas for the future that lead to broader horizons.

 Sabian symbol quotes from 360 Degrees of Wisdom by Lynda Hill

Neptune enters Pisces

“The garden flew round with the angel

The angel flew round with the clouds,

And the clouds flew round, and the clouds flew round,

And the clouds flew round with the clouds.” Wallace Stevens

Neptune enters its own sign of Pisces today for a 12 or so year visit- dissolving the veils between realms and offering us the opportunity to be more fully in touch with the interconnectness of all life.

February Astrology

“It later became clear to me that no matter what we do in science or any other area, it will not help if we don’t find a way to be related to each other at a deep level.” David Bohm

 One of the significant planetary events of February is Neptune’s transit into Pisces on Feb 3 – a sojourn that will last for roughly twelve years.  Neptune the god of the sea rules the realm of dreams, of creativity, and of spirituality.  It also rules addiction – often referred to as a derailed spiritual journey.

This placement historically has correlated with a time of spiritual growth and awareness. Creativity can flourish.  Increased guidance will be available through intuitive channels and dreams. 

It bodes well under this influence to take steps towards living a more inspired life.

Mars continues in retrograde motion in Virgo throughout the month. Examine the use of personal energy in your everyday life. Looks for ways to lessen stress, build strength and get tasks done with more harmony and efficiency.  Set intentions for improvement.

Frustration and impatience can surface more easily with this Mars retrograde. As with all retrograde periods it is best to turn inward during this time rather than pushing too hard for progress in the outer world.

Testy relationship dynamics (in all types of relationships) are in play throughout the month and provide fertile ground to practice patience, compassion and understanding.  A dash of humor can help also!

Through the 7th Venus and Mars the celestial lovers are opposed – friction, disagreements and irritability can arise with this influence.

Venus will move up to a conjunction with Uranus on 2/9. This is a highly charged energy and is known in individual charts for its love of freedom, innovation and for its strong willed nature. Difficulties can arise in relationship dynamics that feel too controlling or limited. 

Love at first sight experiences or surprising and highly charged connections can occur under this aspect also. Just a word to a wise – very often relationships that start under this influence have a volatile or unpredictable nature to them.

The Full Moon is in Leo this month on 2/7. Saturn stations retrograde at 29 degrees of Libra on the day of the Full Moon. It is a good time to review the ways we have grown in the relationship sphere over the past two years – and to integrate any necessary lessons.

On the 8th Venus will move up to a square with Pluto. This aspect is associated with loss in love and can stir up concerns about not having what is needed in the areas of love, relationship and finances. It can also bring up issues related to control and power. Use the creative tension of this aspect for letting go of outmoded ideas about love, security and stability.

The New Moon is 2/21 at 2 degrees of Pisces – a very good time to access guidance from higher planes and set new intentions.

The Sun will enter Pisces on 2/19 aspecting Pluto and Jupiter. This will usher in a more expansive time.

All time mentioned are EST. quotes from Divine Sparks by Karen Speersta

The Sun enters Aquarius

“A self is always becoming…” Madeleine Engel

Over the next few days it bodes well to take some time to celebrate your own uniqueness. As the Sun moves into Aquarius and aspects other planets it provides good timing to appreciate how moving in a path of increased personal authenticity can bring a sense of expansion and abundance into your life.