Venus, Pluto and This Week’s Astrology

“Follow me down, follow me down
To the space between the garden and the wall,
Follow me down, follow me down,
To the space before the twilight and the dawn.” Van Morrison

As the saying goes, “it has been a time” with the  recent eclipses, the Saturn/Neptune square and the recent Mercury retrograde period. The ongoing Uranus/Aries conjunction in Aries is correlated with sudden,   surprising  and unanticipated events. It has been a time when dreams or aspirations may have seemed to become stalled out or in need of rethinking and revisioning.

This week’s energy is phoenix – like. As Venus moves up to a sextile to Pluto is is a good time to access what it is you now feel deeply committed to in your life and what – on a personal level- is necessary to move in that direction. It is a good time to look at levels of self esteem; how you feel about yourself and how you interface with the world. If improvements need to be made in this area – in terms of personal appearance or  aesthetics this is a good time to do so. Look at what represents a sense of abundance to you. Appreciating what you have is always a good starting point.

It is a good time to move forward with any new financial endeavors and a good time for new partnerships,  acquisitions and mergers. Just keep moderation in mind – move things forward in a moderate and consistent way. Big leaps are likely to backfire or need revision.

It is a good time to think about what your deepest values are and how you make those real in the world – starting with your most mundane interactions with strangers,  for instance. Many people are concerned about the state of world affairs and the future but one very concrete way anyone can contribute to improving things is by being more friendly and kind. Also by letting go of old resentments and anger – as well as assumptions based on them.

A new world is trying to be born and birth is always a complicated process. The new world has to do with moving towards a more evolved sustainable model and moving away from old models based on fear and greed.

Astrologer and author Henry Seltzer noted that it is a very good time to get below the level of normal waking consciousness and heed insights  from dreams, intuitions and quiet moments.

One of the Sabian symbols associated with this week’s  Pluto/Venus sextile is,”Telephone linemen installing new connections.”


Sabian symbol quote from Lynda Hill



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