Chiron Stations Direct

“Last night as I lay sleeping
I dreampt – marvellous error-
That I had a beehive in my heart
And the golden bees
Were making white combs
And velvet honey
From my old failures.” Antonio Machado

“There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.” Leonard Cohen

Chiron, the asteroid of the Wounded Healer,  stationed direct this week and is now transiting through the late degrees of Pisces. Chiron in mythology brought the knowledge of homeopathic healing to the gods and goddesses and it is often strongly positioned in the charts of healers.

Chiron is associated with fragmentation and an evolutionary process of wounding and healing that can lead towards reclaiming wholeness.  The ancient Peruvian shamanic traditions teach  that when people experience trauma, part of the soul fragments off. The shamans have a ritual for soul retrieval in which they call  back the broken piece- creating increased inner wholeness and harmony.

David Whyte, the author of “The Heart Aroused, Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America” has written about the process of wounding and healing, and has cautioned about becoming overly guarded , rigid or defensive due to painful experiences and instead to work to use them as a tool for increased understanding,  personal  growth and evolution.

Wherever Chiron is placed in an individual’s chart will indicate in which area of life this journey will take place. For instance in the first house it will have to do with identity or the sense of self, in the seventh house it will have to do with relationships, in the eleventh house, personal goals and the community that supports them.

With the Chiron station it bodes well to heed any information that may or may have surfaced recently about this journey in your life and how you would like to evolve it. Also with the Mercury station occuring so close to Saturn and the Galactic Center do heed any info related to how to broaden your horizons. Do honor any aspirations you may have in that area. Saturn  will move into Capricorn mid month and this will provide excellent timing for building pragmatic plans for future initiatives.

The glyph or symbol for Chiron – interestingly enough- is a key. People born with Chiron in Pisces often have a yearning for a type of interconnectedness that they can feel but have trouble finding in the outer world. Pisces is the sign of spirituality, creativity and the imagination.

Chiron stationed at 24 degrees of Pisces and one of the Sabian symbols for that degree is, “The purging of the priesthood.”

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