Chiron Stations Retrograde

“Newness is the energy of the edge of chaos, the place where the familiar and the unexpected and unpredictable meet, the place of life and emergence.” David Spangler

“Love is a verb.” Stephen R. Covey

Chiron, the asteroid of the Wounded Healer stations retrograde this weekend making its influence prominent in the sky. In mythology Chiron was a centaur known for his renowned healing abilities. He brought the knowledge of homeopathic medicine to the gods and goddesses.

Chiron’s influence can be seen in our time in the growth of natural healing modalities in dealing with wounds of the body, mind and spirit. Wherever Chiron is placed in your natal astrology chart indicates where this journey of wounding and healing goes on throughout your life. This placement provides a valuable key in understanding your personal journey of evolution as old wounds -unless properly tended – can block perceptions and opportunities for change and growth.

Venus is in Taurus now and squaring the Nodes of destiny and fate indicating a choice point about how you go forward in the area of love, pleasure and relationships of all kinds. With the Nodes and Venus so prominent in the sky there is a challenge in the relationship sphere – to either fall back on old unproductive patterns or to move forward with a more authentic, innovative and evolved perspective. It is best to avoid “group think” or too much conformity in this sphere.

This Nodal pattern can bring up a conflict between head and heart in how you approach relationships. The South Node in Aquarius indicates a good way forward is to integrate more of the warmth of the Leo heart force and not get stuck in your head.  This does not mean being overly accommodating to someone else’s wishes in a way that feels inauthentic, but acting from your own center with appropriate boundaries and what the truth is for you – in a loving way.

We are living in a time when many of the traditional models for defining relationship have been outgrown.

The Sabian symbol for Chiron’s station is,” Light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill

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