Fall Equinox

“You can’t embrace the new paradigm until you let go of the old one.” Marilyn Ferguson

The Fall Equinox – when the Sun enters the sign of Libra – is this Sunday 9/22. The chart for the Equinox has 11 degrees of Aquarius rising with Mars in Leo on the Descendant. These placements speak about how we approach conflict with others and while Mars in Leo can be assertive and aggressive, the sign of Aquarius encourages us to follow the path of the peaceful warrior – to seek and work to create enlightened solutions both personally and globally.
It is notable that recently Pope Francis asked the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics to pray for a peaceful resolution to the use of chemical weapons in Syria rather than military strikes – which he said would only increase the suffering there. In addition to the US public’s insistence to find another way, we are witnessing a perilous, but hopefully more peaceful outcome in the short – and perhaps the long term – as a cease fire may become necessary to the process.
It is a good time to stay out of fear and to be in touch with the higher aspirations for your life and the life of the world in a very positive way.