February Astrology in a Nutshell

“There is a door. It opens. Then it is closed. But a slip of light stays, like a scrap of unreadable paper left on the floor, or the one red leaf the snow releases in March.” Jane Hirshfield

January had some powerful planetary signatures which pointed directly to the considerable change going on these days in our inner and outer lives. February provides a good time for processing and integrating information. It’s wise this month to provide extra down time and screen free time to strengthen concentration and give the nervous system time to restore and replenish.

One of the very favorable aspects this month is the Jupiter/Neptune sextile. Sextiles need to be activated to be beneficial – in other words it is necessary to take action associated with their symbolism in order for things to manifest. This duo is associated with the expansion of dreams and wishes. It also speaks of increased spirituality, altruism and generosity. It is a very good aspect for intention expansion and intention setting.

Given the rock and roll of January when many people experienced significant change in their lives, it bodes well to take some time to create clarity for the direction forward. If, for instance you left a job or career it’s wise to make a simple list of what you’d like next – including what you appreciate about what went on at that job and what you plan to avoid next time. It’s a good threshold time to create a deeper awareness or culmination of knowledge about areas of your life that are undergoing change.

One of the Sabian symbols for this timeĀ  is,”In a hospital, the children’s ward is filled with toys.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill



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