Full Moon in Capricorn

“And once in a great while an isumatag becomes apparent, a person who can create the atmosphere in which wisdom shows itself. It is a nameless wisdom esteemed by all people. It is an understanding of how to live a decent life, how to behave properly toward people and the land.” Barry Lopez

On a recent trip to Seattle I took an Uber home one night. I struck up a conversation with the driver who told me he had recently emigrated from Ethiopia. I asked him if he had a family and he explained that he was married and had four children. He looked at me in the mirror, his eyes sparkling and said, “Family is a blessing.” When I asked him if he liked working for Uber he nodded his head smiling enthusiastically and said,”It’s a blessing.” It had helped them to start a new life in this country.
My ride with him that day was memorable – it was nice to be in the presence of someone who so joyfully appreciated the good things in his life.
The Moon waxes Full this Wednesday July 1 EDT at 9 degrees of Capricorn. At the time of the Full Moon, Venus the planet of love and beauty is conjunct Jupiter – the planet of wisdom and abundance. It is a good time to appreciate and be grateful for the good things in your life. It bodes well to be of good cheer.
For the next three months Venus will transit within 10 degrees of Jupiter. It is a good time to expand the love and pleasure in your life and to grow in wisdom.
At the time of the Full Moon this duo is trining the planet of the unexpected. The powers of attraction are strong and things can manifest more quickly than at other times.
Neptune is making a positive aspect to the Sun – making this an excellent time for creativity, spirituality and dreams.
Use the transformational energy of Pluto to let go of unhelpful burdens of the past and recommit to a dynamic path forward. If conflict arises factor in a wise response rather than an impulsive one.
One of the Sabian symbols associated with this Full Moon is, “An angel comes carrying a harp.”

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