Full Moon in Capricorn

“We can easily become loyal to our suffering … but it’s not the end of the path.” – Jack Kornfield

The Moon waxes full this Sunday EDT at 17 degrees of Capricorn – conjunct the Lord of Transformation, Pluto. If you are in the process of effecting transformation in your life, harnessing the energy of this time is the way to go.

The Jungian analyst and “keeper of the old stories”, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, has written that one of the things as a culture we have lost touch with is the awareness of life/death cycles – not death in a literal sense always – but the beginnings and endings present in all life. This includes psychological and emotional cycles as well as events we experience in the manifest world.

Everyone has experienced the death of a  loved one, the death of a cherished dream and the death of circumstances in life that they cared deeply about. The loss can be  profound and life- changing and the grief process for these kind of events is not a one time thing – it is more like peeling the layers of an onion over time. When the grief process is not fully honored throughout time, a form of crystallization can occur in the realm of thoughts and feelings which can result in settling on a bitter and limited view of life’s potentials and opportunities. It can result in repeating old unproductive patterns which can inhibit the path of personal growth and evolution.

Under the light of this Full Moon it bodes well to look at what these times taught you from a wise perspective and to see whether they caused you to shut down or open up to life. If necessary it is a good time to rewrite your life’s story from a more empowered perspective about what you learned and how you grew and evolved as a result. This kind of process frees up blocked power and will create a clearer path forward.

“We have patience for everything but what is most important to us.” David Whyte
One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”A woman bathing surreptitiously in the nude.”
Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill




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