Hello Again Chiron and This Week’s Astrology

“An evolved feminine will shift the balance of the archetypal qualities toward more relatedness, emotional connection and tolerance for the beauty and the darkness of the natural world.” Del McNeeley

” We are volcanoes. When we women offer our experiences, our truth, all the maps change.” Ursula K. Le Guin

Chiron, the asteroid of the Wounded Healer stations retrograde at 2 degrees of Aries this Thursday July 5.  This repeats the cycle of Chiron – having stationed retrograde at 3 degrees of Aries on July 5, 1968 – a time of great divisions, heightened tensions  and significant  upheaval in the US.

One of the major aspects which governed that time (the 60s and 70s) was the Pluto/Uranus conjunction and that planetary duo and it’s long range and significant impacts are with us once again.

Starting the week off on a generous and beneficent note is the Sun moving up to  trine to Jupiter and Neptune – forming a grand trine in water. This is a mystical influence and bodes well for increasing inspiration and compassion.

Mercury is moving up to a conjunction to the North Node in Leo making this week a good time for taking charge of your life in a more actualized way if needed. It’s a good time to be in touch with your aspirations, your progress on the path of actualizing them and your vision for the long term.

Mars is retrograde through late August. This provides a good time to reflect on your use of personal power and how you control and direct your mental energy. As the Dalai Lama wrote,”It is important to always be thinking about what we are thinking.” Without proper diligence thoughts can stir up fear and undermine intentions. Consciously directed, thoughts can support aspirations and endeavors and result in positive outcomes.

Juno, the asteroid of marriage and commitment is moving up to a conjunction with Uranus, the futuristic planet of innovation and revolution. This is bringing about a lot of change in relationship dynamics. It is a good time to stay open about possibilities for more justice, fairness and balance in relationships.
Eris, the goddess of chaos is discord is aspecting Venus the planet of love and pleasure. This in a larger sense is about the re-emergence of the Feminine (in both men and women)  on the planet and the movement away from the power-over dynamics of the Masculine.

Mercury is aspecting the North Node of fate and destiny now. Important thoughts and communications can occur this week – do heed any info that surfaces that may bode well for the future.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”The wonder of the constellations of stars in the night sky.”

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