Juno, the North Node and Commitments

“A person is alive when she is wholehearted, true to herself, true to her own inner forces and able to act freely according to the nature of the situation she is in.” Christopher Alexander

When I first looked at the astrology chart this morning,  it reminded me of a scene from the film The Accidental Tourist.  The scene is towards the end of the movie and the character played by William Hurt has suffered a flare up of lower back pain  which pretty much confines him to bed where he has been fed painkillers by his  ex-wife.

Lower back pain in holistic circles can be related to feeling unsupported emotionally and in the case of the character in the film, he was trying to return to a life that emotionally no longer worked for him and which he had outgrown.

In the last scene he pulls himself out of bed with great pain, gets dressed and picks up his suitcase to leave the hotel.  As he is struggling to walk down the street, he suddenly sees  what he needs  to do, leaves his bag behind and  starts limping rapidly in the new direction.

The reason this scene reminded me of the current astrology is that there definitely has been a need to leave baggage behind and through a shift in awareness, move more freely in an updated, authentic direction. In the film he says, “This woman has given me another choice to decide who I am.”

This is the prevailing astrological weather now.  It is related to Saturn conjunct the South Node (this is starting to separate now) and a difficult aspect of Mars to Chiron last week  (which is waning.)  With this duo, there has been a  tendency to get drawn back into a familiar place of dis- empowerment related to the past.

But now with  Juno- the asteroid of commitment- conjunct the North Node, there is the  opportunity to commit to the path forward  in a way which leads in a more clear and  positive direction.

The North Node is in Cancer so more healthy directions related to self care – physically, mentally and spiritually  are on the front burner as well how we more appropriately  nurture and care for  others. The sign of Cancer is related to family issues and so new perspectives may be on the table there as well.

The astrologer Nadia Gilchrist suggested a combination of courage and empathy provide a good approach now.

One of the  Sabian symbols for this time is, ” The seed grows into knowledge and life.”


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