Jupiter, The Magi and This Week’s Astrology

“Molnar believes that the wise men were, in fact, very wise and mathematically-adept astrologers. They also knew about the Old Testament prophecy that a new king would be born of the family of David. Most likely, they had been watching the heavens for years, waiting for alignments that would foretell the birth of this king. When they identified a powerful set of astrological portents, they decided the time was right to set out to find the prophesied leader.” David A Weintraub 

“All wisdom is given to us on loan.” Thomas Aquinas

Over the years there has been a considerable amount of speculation in both the astrological and astronomical communities about which planetary alignment the Wise Men or Magi of old were following in order to find a newly born king and bestow gifts upon him. There is always one constant in the speculations – whether it was Jupiter /Venus or Jupiter /Saturn or others, the planet Jupiter is always involved.

Jupiter the planet of wisdom, hope, expansion, benevolence and generosity is making powerful alignments in the sky this week. This gives the opportunity to expand understanding, vision and compassion. It can be a very growth oriented time and can open doors of opporuntity for  progress and transformation in partnership and relationship. Do proceed thoughtfully and carefully though, with any endeavors like this as there is powerful energy about with the sign of Scorpio involved.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”Neighbors help in a house-raising party in a small village.’

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