Jupiter Enters Scorpio

“Our ancestors acknowledged doubt while practicing faith. We moderns are drawn to faith while practicing doubt.” Adam Gopnick

“Faith is not merely a way of knowing, it is also a way of participating.” Robert Ellwood.

Jupiter the planet of abundance, of faith, hope and optimism just moved into the sign of Scorpio – the sign of the Mysteries, of life, death and transformation. Jupiter will travel through the sign of Scorpio for the next year bringing opportunities for expansion and growth in the area of life indicated by the house with Scorpio on the cusp in your astrology chart.

This transit provides a good time in general to expand and deepen your belief system and to explore the Mysteries. The sign of Scorpio has a profound nature to it. It is wise to explore shadow issues under this influence as well.

Sometimes when I meet someone who looks like the old fashioned images of  a benevolent Santa Claus – with his joviality – it reminds me of Jupiter. Jupiter rules good times – when hope and optimism prevail. Santa Claus comes shortly after the Winter Solstice and what Robert Frost called,”The darkest evening of the year.”

In mythology Jupiter loved pleasure and good times and  this often led to trouble with his more traditional wife, Juno.

It’s a good time to enjoy life while keeping equilibrium in mind.

In describing his system for understanding the great cycles of time, Plato believed that at times of challenge on the planet, there is an opportunity for humanity to help the universe balance itself. Hope and optimism play a significant part in this.

The Sabian symbol for the ingress  of Jupiter into Scorpio is,” A broken bottle of spilled perfume.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill



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