Jupiter Opposes Chiron

“There are experiences we have as children, each and every one of us, that find a place deep inside us where neither time nor wounds can either reach or damage them. And those experiences? They light our way through the world for the rest of our lives. Many of us forget them as we grow older, yet they remain shaping who we are at a level too deep for words… They shape and they wait. They wait to be remembered, wait for the time we need to remember them, when we need a particular kind of light to find our way in the darkness.” ¬†Stephen Harrod Buhner¬†

Jupiter, the god of wisdom is opposing Chiron the asteroid of the Wounded Healer now. In addition to the Perseid meteor showers this influence provides an excellent time for musing and for being in the realm of mystery or as Albert Einstein would say a time to “pause in wonder and stand rapt in awe.”

The asteroid Chiron is about healing fragmentation. It is a good time to be in touch with the interconnectedness of life that underlies duality and fragmentation. Remembering the transcendental experiences of childhood is one way to do this. Some occult traditions teach that you see your destiny most clearly as a child.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,” The tiny island seems lost in the broad ocean, but its happy inhabitants have created a world all their own.”

Sabian Symbol quote from Lynda Hill

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