Jupiter Opposes Pluto

“Some beliefs are like blinders, shutting off the power to choose one’s own direction. Other beliefs are like gateways opening wide vistas for exploration.” Sophia Fah

In a recent lecture by astrologer and author Lynn Bell she described the dynamics of the powerful Jupiter/Pluto opposition now in play as “something has to die so that something else can grow.” The planetary alignment suggests that what has to die involves foundational philosophies or beliefs that have been carried to this point that need to be transformed – deepened by understanding and wisdom- and evolved. These beliefs can be ancestral in nature or be related to family, religious and cultural influences that can be seen as inauthentic or no longer true in your life.

David Whyte has written about this in his book The Heart Aroused, “So much of our experience is predicated on the consciousness with which we enter it – our future possibilities already mortgaged to past limitations.”

Saturn and the North Node are in close proximity now. It is as if we are at an important way station on a journey and it bodes well to use discrimination about which personal beliefs we are taking forward and which ones need to be left behind.

Sophia Fah Quote from her book “It Matters what you Believe”