Jupiter Squares Saturn

“Eternity is in love with the productions of time.” William Blake 

This week the Jupiter/Saturn square is exact and in close aspect with the planet ruling dreams, visions and illusions.  It is a good time to keep hope and optimism in the picture along with discernment and respect for the mandates of  Saturn – the ruler of discipline and mundane time. As with the myth of Icarus it’s not a good time to be flying too close to the sun in terms of actions related to inflated dreams and expectations. Rather factor in a solid foundation and steady path forward. Be willing to be patient.

Juno is in a complicated aspect to Venus now. This can bring up conflict in committed relationships (of any kind) around the need for individual independence/ autonomy and  the needs of the relationship/partnership.  There is not a pressing need to act on any perceptions in this area now- it is best to clarify issues and figure out strategies for striking a better balance.

The need to discernment in regards to your individual life and strivings as well as the collective life on our planet will be an important theme throughout the year. Best to keep it in the picture.