Love, Relationships and the Upcoming Aquarian Eclipse

“Aquarian love is Uranian- it is the love of the awakener for the awakened. It awakens you to truths about yourself that you’ve never seen before.  The sign of Aquarius says,’ I love you enough to let you more fully and completely be yourself. This is because the more you are fully and completely who you are, the more  I can be fully and completely who I am… I love you the best when you are being who you are even if that means that you may leave me.” Richard Idemon

“Poles apart,  I’m the color of dying, you’re the color
of being born. Unless we breathe into each other,
there can be no garden.
So that’s why plants grow and laugh at our eyes,
which focus on distance.” Rumi 

We are living in times of great change here on planet earth. It’s a time when the old models for “business as usual” appear to be crumbling in many areas of life – especially the old reliable ones.

It’s time to find a new, more innovative direction. And not that it will be easy.

At the time of Thursday’s eclipse – at 4:50 pm EST on March 15 , the Sun, Moon, Juno and Mercury are all conjunct in Aquarius. This eclipse is a powerful threshold  in terms of the  personal journey towards  inner wholeness. That journey impacts on the world at large as well –  as it did the Sixties when Uranus and Pluto were powerful players in the sky. Then as now “the personal had become political.”

Venus is conjunct Neptune which speaks of the integration of spiritual values.

This New Moon eclipse  is a good time to reset or tweak intentions and aspirations if needed. It’s wise with Mercury widely conjunct the South Node to avoid  or disavow thought patterns that can drag you back into a sense of disempowerment, disillusionment or unproductive ways of being.

We are living in a time when it’s best to be evolving new models of thinking based on fairness, balance and a holistic approach.

Best also to keep moderation in mind with Jupiter’s involvement at this time. Watch for overshooting the mark and for overindulgence.

Uranus is a powerful player now in terms of moving things forward in an innovative or unanticipated direction – particularly in terms of commitments – personal and relationship wise. It’s best to avoid rigid role models unless you are clearly committed to them in a conscious way.

It is wise to remember that there is positive growth and evolution going on all the time around the world which is not widely covered in the news. It is good to align your energy and aspirations with endeavors like that.

One of the Sabian symbols for this eclipse is, “An ancient pottery bowl, filled with fresh violets.”

Sabian symbol reference from Lynda Hill


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