Mars and Jupiter

“The world will change less in accordance with man’s determinations than with woman’s divinations.” Claude Bragdon

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly.” Richard Bach

The Mars/Jupiter conjunction which is at 17 degrees of Scorpio is exact Saturday January 6. This is a highly energetic and optimistic combination which has been in effect since 12/25. It is the signature symbol of “the big moves.” Among other things Jupiter governs publishing and the legal system.

One  the personal side  this aspect bodes well for moving forward energetically with intentions and aspirations. If there are personal goals you have which will expand,  improve  and evolve your life now,  the wind is at your back for taking steps to further them. Just one caveat – Jupiter and Mars when combined can contribute to “overshooting the mark” so do take into consideration that energy needs to be metered out over time rather than overcommitting, overdoing or burning out at the beginning.

Jupiter and Mars together can be a fighting- for- justice type aspect as well. One of the asteroids involved in this cosmic alignment is Egeria. In mythology Egeria was akin to Artemis – the goddess of  the wilderness, wild animals and the hunt. Artemis loved freedom and would be possessed by no man. Egeria was a goddess with the gift of prophecy. She watched over sacred wells and sacred groves. She advised the king on matters of law and ritual.

Much of what we are seeing now in the planet’s evolutionary process  has to do with the re-emergence of the Feminine in both men and women. This is a component in the effort to move the world in a more just and holistically oriented directed.  It is akin to a birth in consciousness- and birth is not an easy process.

The asteroid, Eris,  the goddess of discord, continues to be a strong influence as she stirs up trouble about what has unjustly been repressed in the sphere of women’s rights and the Feminine.

The Sabian Symbol associated with this alignment is, “Woods rich in autumn coloring” and the keyword for it is,”fulfillment.”

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