Mars Retrograde

“Mars is meant to help us flourish and use our vitality in order to grow and participate in life, engage our creativity and deal effectively with opposition and obstacles, conflicts and difficulties…Mars is also about the will, the application and use of intention and energy.” Melanie Rheinhart

When Mars is retrograde as it is now (through late May) it wise to reconsider how you implement your personal power to create the life you would like to be living. There are various ways power can be rerouted or ineffectively used – one of which is anger and resentment held in a stagnant form – i.e. keeping a certain amount of energy tied up or blocked in an old perception- energy which could be better used focused on your future goals. Because Mars is in Libra now it bodes well to reconsider relationships – work, personal, familial etc- in which this dynamic may be at play and make an effort to redefine and evolve the current context in order to free up the energy and implement it more consciously.

“When you forgive, some deeper, divine generosity takes you over… when you cannot forgive, you are a prisoner of the hurt done to you.” John O’Donohue

Melanie Reinhart quote from The Mars Quartet, Four Seminars on the Astrology of the Red Planet , John O’Donohoe quote from Divine Sparks by Karen Speerstra

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