Mars, Saturn and This Week’s Astrology

“When we dance with Mars, we enter the realm of fire, where qualities of bravado, boldness, courage and forthrightness are formed.” Caroline W. Casey

“Your words and actions are magical- they create waves of energy that travel out into the world and into nature.”David Spangler

Venus and Mars are now in the  fiery,  passionate sign of Leo. This week Venus will aspect Jupiter which can bring a sense  optimism and good cheer. It is a quincunx aspect though – indicating the need to find balance. It’s wise to avoid excess and the tendency to overdo.

Mars is moving up to a square with Saturn this week indicating that there can be a push and pull dynamic between moving forward and holding back. This can be a time a good time for getting work done but it can be a frustrating time and  patience is key. This alignment will be in effect through early July.

Mars will be making a favorable alignment with Chiron. In the fiery signs of Leo and Aries, this gives courage and optimism for taking action on healing initiatives. Schedule that massage appointment you’ve been putting, for example.

There’s definitely tension in the air and it’s wise to provide extra down time for rest and rejuvenation this week.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”An evening garden party of adults.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill


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