Mars Stations Direct

“Mars represents our ability to define ourselves through our own volition.” Eric Francis 

“A single moment can retroactively flood an entire life with meaning.” Victor E. Frankl

Mars stations direct at 10:05 AM Monday 8/27 at 29 degrees of Capricorn. The Sabian symbol for this degree is, “A woman reading tea leaves.” This is an indication to look to the underlying or deeper meaning of events.

Mars has been retrograde for two months and it bodes well now to look to events that occurred  during this period and discern how they are connected to the deeper meaning of your life or how they help you see the way forward with more clarity.

The 29th degree is considered to be the “fated degree” meaning it has particular significance. Although there continues to be the tendency to act impulsively now, it’s wise to proceed seriously and with a well thought out plan for any future endeavors.

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