Mercury in Aries

“Intention is shown by the specificity of your attention.” David Tresemer

With last year’s Venus transit across the Sun things are manifesting more quickley and it bodes well to heed the Dalai Lama’s advice to “always be thinking about what we are thinking.” Thought can be used for good or ill – to create the energy for positive events to occur or to put obstacles in the way. As Mercury now in Aries enters the Pluto/Uranus square it bodes well to assess how we use the power of thought and speech in our lives, to identity unproductive, disempowering and habitual patterns and to make an intention to move in a more innovative and proactive direction.

All times mentioned are EDT.
Quote from David Tresemer in an interview with Eric Francis on, the Dalai Lama quote from his book, Ethics for a New Millennium.