Mercury Retrograde and This Week’s Astrology

“Celebrate the energy that anger can give rise to when it doesn’t turn to rage, the initiative it brings into the world.” David Tresemer.

“We were born to be the companions of the angels. Let us go there again, friend, for that is our country.” Rumi

In general it is a testy time – with Mars the god of action and desire traversing the dark of the Underworld – his power held hostage. His journey extends through the end of August providing a good time to look at the use and misuse of power both personally and in the world. Mars is transiting near the South Node bringing up issues of empowerment/lack of empowerment  inherited through the culture, family lines and ancestry.  In general it is a good time to move away from old unhealthy patterns related to anger and lack of empowerment in the direction of increased balance and integration.

These themes will also be played out on the world stage and in the headlines as a new, more just and compassionate world struggles to be born amidst an atmosphere of hostility, upheaval and push back.

There is a beneficent a Jupiter /Neptune trine in the sky – a mystical combination which bodes well for spiritual growth and awareness. It also governs kindness and compassion. Given the fast paced times we live in. it’s wise  to provide extra down time for reflection,  rejuvenation and integration.

Venus is in Virgo now and this placement is about discrimination. It’s a good time to review detail oriented financial matters and for planning. It can be overly critical and it’s best to choose your words carefully as misunderstandings can more easily occur now.

Mercury is slowing down to turn retrograde on July 26. Between then and now  it will be forming a quincunx- to Pluto. This is an aspect that requires constant adjustment. It can be good for investigative work, research and getting to the bottom of things.But do be aware of assuming all the information is in. The downside of this aspect is unwarranted suspicion and lack of trust. It can  lead to power struggles.

Pallas Athene the asteroid goddess of compassionate justice and diplomacy is active in the sky this week – forming a challenging angle to Saturn – who governs the”rules of the road” and enforces them. There is a lot of tension now between the old world that is dying and the new , more just world that is struggling to be born.

Pallas will move up to the North Node this week as well – do be aware of any information that may surface about your path  forward as the North Node governs  life purpose and Pallas governs a brilliant strategic approach.

Eris the goddess of discord and chaos stations direct this week – becoming an increasingly strong force to contend with. In mythology Eris threw the apple of discord that started the Trojan War. Eris is a female goddess who stirs up chaos and sheds light on issues  people don’t want to look at but need to see in order to evolve. She is associated with the repression of the Feminine throughout time.

The Sun moves into Leo on Sunday ushering in a good time for socializing, creativity  and re-creation.

One of the  Sabian symbols for the Sun’s ingress into Leo is,” A daughter of the American Revolution.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill

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