Mercury, Saturn and Neptune

“The dream image planted in the body acts as a magnet attracting the energy, transforming it and releasing its healing powers.” Marion Woodman

One of the interesting aspects at the time of the Full Moon this weekend is that Mercury will be opposing Saturn and squaring Neptune. This configuration is about the relationship of your dreams to your thinking-making it a good time to look at the trajectory your dreams follow- once conceptualized. Are they shut down too early due to over riding concerns related to traditional thinking or “the way things are done?” Or do they fail to factor in the importance of creating an appropriate form for growth and evolution in the exterior world over time? Are you open enough to the process of guidance unfolding gradually
in a myriad of forms?

One of the themes of the ongoing influence of the Uranus/Pluto square is to challenge authority. This has to do with thinking and the outer authority that has been accepted – be it familial, cultural, religious – that can limit expansion or evolution.

“Live from the dream outward,” Carl Jung wrote.

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