Mercury Stations Retrograde and The Full Moon

“Mercury presides over all times of transition, all crossroads.” Caroline W. Casey

Mercury stations retrograde on Sunday April 9 at 7:15 PM and the retrograde period will last through May 2. Mercury will station at 4 degrees of Taurus and retrograde back to 24 Aries. It is a good idea to heighten awareness around any information that surfaces in your life now before the station and for two or three days after as it can represent a time of a culmination of knowledge. Realizations can come that bring clarity to situations which may seem have seemed unclear up to this point. Mercury retrograde periods provide good timing to reflect, recharge and review before the direct station in early May. Do back up important information and be aware that technical snafus dealing with communication and travel can occur now.
The Moon waxes full on Tuesday April 11 at 21 degrees of Libra. This is very much a relationship moon – governing relationships of all kinds- personal and professional. ┬áThere continue to be aspects which indicate volatility and unexpected events and often new things come to light under the light of the Full Moon. Although things can get heated and there is a strong tendency to impulsive behavior, it is best to follow the advice of Mars in Taurus – slow down, calm down and take your time reacting.
Venus stations direct next week also and although this transit can be associated with relationships too – the bottom line is what relationships have taught you about personal growth, evolution and self knowledge. The Sabian symbol associated with the Full Moon is.”A child giving birds a drink at a fountain.”

Sabian symbols fro Lynda Hill


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