Mercury Stations Retrograde Sunday !

“Mercury is the god of mind, intellect, thought, voice and language. Our ability to manifest through language, both thought and uttered, is so central that we often take it for granted and spend time and energy seeking more power. Instead we need to learn to see the power with which we are already endowed, and which is constantly replenished as it flows through acts of attention.” Caroling W. Casey

It”s a good time to watch your words as Mercury, the trickster planetĀ  is strong in the sky now – slowing down to station retrograde on July 7 at 4 degrees of Leo.

Often a few days before the station and the few days after can be similar to the retrograde period itself with delays and snafus with communications and equipment. It’s wise to make sure important info is backed up. We are in between eclipses – the upcoming one a Lunar Eclipse on the 16th at 24 Capricorn – making this time frame more likely to contain unexpected and surprising events.

The Sabian symbol for the Mercury station is,”Rock formations towering over a deep canyon.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill


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