More on the Upcoming Mercury Retrograde

“Mercury retrograde  provides a time of slowing down, allowing for more space to pause, reflect, take stock, hone intentions and course correct as needed.” Henry Seltzer

My cell phone is on its last legs and I’ve been in the process of deciding how best to replace it.  I called my friend – also an astrologer – who I often have tea with. She has a number of planets in Aquarius and interfaces with the cyber world with more ease than I do.

We explored options. But as the conversation was winding down, she cautioned, “Whatever you do, do it before Mercury turns retrograde.”

I’m not totally on board with this kind of thinking. Mercury retrograde periods are good for tying up loose ends and attending to  things left undone- in other words, going back and redoing or replacing something already in progress. It is often a time when lost things can be found. Or if you have lost something during the retrograde period, it can often be found after Mercury turns direct.

But as far as cyber things go, I think it is best to resolve any related issues before Mercury stations retrograde. Mercury does rule communications.  And to avoid particularly,  a couple of days before the station retrograde and the following station direct when the influence can be stronger and more confusing.

There was a good example of this in November of 2000. I remember standing in line to vote on election day during the Bush /Gore race when a friend across the hall called out to me, “Who do you think will win today?”

Knowing that  Mercury was stationing, I said, “I think it won’t be decided for awhile. It will be back and forth with delays. ” (Very typical Mercury retrograde activity.)

It took quite awhile to resolve.

Mercury is slowing down in the sky now to station retrograde on October 31- Nov 21 and the influence can be felt as we move towards the station. It’s a good time to back up important info.

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