More on Mercury Retrograde

“In music the spaces between the notes are often as important as the notes themselves.” Andrew Smith

Astrologer and author Andrew Smith has noted that this Mercury retrograde period (through July 1) is a good time to reflect on the feelings that underlie our habitual thought patterns – as emotion fires the thoughts into form.

For instance when trying to achieve a certain goal is the underlying feeling one of self confidence in your ability to does it get mired with doubt or uncertainty?
These doubts may have originated with sources outside of yourself – such as religious, cultural or ancestral beliefs that you assumed to be true at one time.

In an increasing fast paced and consumer oriented world with a strong external focus – Smith continues – it is wise to take this period as a time of thoughtful reflection on your inner world – and how you support or undermine your thoughts and endeavors with underlying feelings.

Andrew Smith is the author of Transpersonal Astrology, Explorations at the Frontier