More on Venus Retrograde

This morning after a big snowstorm and record breaking frigid temperatures I took a drive to the grain store to pick up some supplies. I pulled into the drive- thru section of the building and shut the car off in front of the service window.

As they signaled me to move forward so they could load, I tried to fire up the car but it wouldn’t start. I tried several more times to no avail. The two guys in charge of loading came over, told me to put it in neutral and pushed the car out into the parking lot.

“Your battery needs to be charged, “one said.They pulled a pickup next to me and hooked up the battery cables. After a bit of charging the car still would not start. They tried brainstorming –“ Maybe it needs to charge more…maybe the starter is frozen.”

One of them experimented with dashboard components and shouted to the other , “When you turn on the lights it makes the radio cut out. It needs to charge more.”

They pushed the car back towards the building and hooked it up to a super charger with a gage to indicate when the charge is complete. When the gage reached that point and we tried to start it again the car fired right up. One of the young men shouted to me,” Don’t shut the car off! It won’t start if you do. It won’t hold a charge- it needs a new battery.” They told the name of an auto parts store close by that installed batteries.

I was so struck by their willingness to help, their kindness and expertise and I thanked them again.

Proceeding on I pulled into a snowy parking lot with a storefront sign which read in big red letters , ”We install batteries for free.” The mechanic at the counter was friendly and assured me there would be no problem. I walked outside with him and noticed he was wearing his lightweight uniform and sneakers.
“Do you want to go inside and put on your jacket?” I asked.“ It is so cold.”

“Oh no,” he assured me,” I am fine. Yesterday was the coldest day of the year and we were outside all day installing batteries. The worst part of it was,” he said,”no one said thank you.”

I didn’t know what to say – arctic temperatures, vehicles that won’t run and mechanics fixing them outdoors with no thanks?

Undaunted he cheerfully resumed, “This is a great car you’ve got here. I love Subarus. This thing will last forever.”

I was on the road in no time after expressing my very sincere thanks. This is rural NH after all – a vehicle is a basic component of life here and must run well in cold weather.

When Venus is retrograde as it is now it is a good time to look at how we treat others – in whatever role they play- and see if there is room for improvement. So often people often express the sentiment that they feel overwhelmed by the problems in the world and feel powerless to do anything. Bringing more love and friendliness into the world is always something worthwhile to do.