Neptune, Mercury and On Golden Pond

This weekend I was up at Lake Winnipesaukee. There is an old mural on the side of a pizza parlor there that I have wanted to photograph for awhile. Yesterday I finally managed to have my camera with me when I stopped for lunch.

The mural is a painting of a man and a golden retriever sitting on a dock. The man is fishing and an old wooden motor boat is tied up near him. The painting is faded and weather beaten but captures a slice of life in that small lakeside town where scenes from On Golden Pond were filmed.

I ordered my lunch and went out to shoot the photo of the mural but my camera made a weird beeping noise and would not work. I tried several different options for correcting it to no avail. I figured I would take it to my friend at the camera shop the next day and ask him to deal with it.

When I got up this morning and was preparing to go out and gathering my things together, I thought I should put the camera in the car so I didn’t forget it. But then it occurred to me that maybe I should try to replace the batteries and see if that would make it work.

But I couldn’t find the camera. I looked and looked – having downloaded photos from it the night before
I knew it was in the house. But it was nowhere to be found.

I have a good friend who has a strong Neptune in her chart. She uses the term, “like being lost in a fog bank off the coast,” to describe the kind of confusion that can occur with mundane affairs when Neptune is a strong influence as it is now.

But Neptune also connects us to the eternal and the divine.

This little story about my camera is a thumbnail sketch of the kind of the kind of hazy territory we are in with Mercury in Pisces preparing to station retrograde near Neptune. It is a good time to say, ”whatever” to malfunctioning equipment and general confusion – to take events like this in stride – with faith in the future that things will get straightened out eventually. Neptune also rules faith.