Neptune Opposes the Sun and This Week in a Nutshell

“Look at those dancers gliding around
Seems as if their feet
Don’t hardly touch the ground
Look at them smiling
Like they knew one another
And they never would come down.” Crosby Stills and Nash

“I sat, a solitary man,
In a crowded London shop,
An open book and an empty cup
Upon the marble table-top.
While on the shop and street I gazed
My body of a sudden blazed;
And twenty minutes more of less
It seemed so great my happiness,
That I was blessed and could bless.” WB Yeats

The week gets off to a bit of an ethereal start as Neptune, the sea god who governs  dreams and visions, opposes the Sun. The early part of the week is very good for daydreams and creativity as well as idealism and compassion.

But Neptune is also associated with illusion – and with the opposition to the Sun  it’s more easy for pragmatic judgment to be off and for trouble with details to occur. So it’s best to use more care with matters of this kind.

Mars moves into the sign of Libra on Tuesday and will transit this sign through October 30. Mars is not particularly comfortable in this sign and so it’s wise – throughout this time frame – to keep moderation and equilibrium in mind.

The Sun is moving up to a harmonious alignment with Pluto this week. This is a good aspect for reclaiming lost power and for inner growth. Pluto is associated with rebirth and wise to provide downtime for relaxation and rejuvenation.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”A masked figure performs ritualistic acts in a mystery play.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill

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