Neptune Stations Direct and Mercury Aligns with Uranus

“I grew up in the patterned silence
In the cool nursery of the young century
And people’s voices were not dear to me
But I could understand the voice of the wind.” Anna Akhmatova

“I believe deeply that we must find, all of us together, a new spirituality.” Dalai Lama

Neptune stations direct today – Wednesday December 1. The veils between the worlds are very thin for the next couple of days as this ethereal planet starts to move forward. The Neptune station bodes well for spiritual and artistic endeavors but it’s best if possible to put off  serious decisions until after the Eclipse. It’s a good time to clear a path for the new dreams and visions of your life.

Neptune is in the mystical sign of Pisces and at other times in history when this was the case there was an increased interest in spirituality and  growth of spiritual awareness on the planet.

Neptune rules illusion and addiction but it also governs redemption. If  necessary it’s a good time to  consider where it would be best to to take off the rose colored glasses or work to end the repetition of unproductive habits that have an addictive nature to them.

Mercury and Uranus are aligning indicating that for the next few days important information can emerge or there can be “out of the blue” revelations or  breakthroughs in thinking.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”A prophet bringing down the new law from the mountain.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill

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