New Moon in Capricorn

“Hope is a memory of the future.” Gabriel Marcel

The Moon waxes new at 7 degrees of Capricorn on Thursday at 1:53 AM EST. Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn is a strong influence a this time which bodes well for reaffirming or setting new intentions.

Saturn is sometimes called Father Time – appropriate now particularly because this New Moon references both the past and the future. With Mars and Neptune both joining the South Node in Pisces it bodes well to review what customary mental an emotional patterns inhibit and block growth. It is a good time to commit to reframing them and to break the pattern of referring to them – particularly patterns related to feeling victimized.

Chiron, the asteroid of the Wounded Healer is in Pisces and with Pluto conjunct the retrograde Mercury at this time there is an ability – with Pluto’s laser-like depth of perception- to rewrite stories of the past from a more evolved, more empowered and more aware perspective. Saturn is also about maturity.

Clarifying issues from the past will help with forward movement as this New Moon is very much about opening the gate to a more expanded perception of the future by closing the door on roadblocks from the past. It is time to move in a freer, more autonomous and innovative direction in your life. The wind is at your back for this kind of activity now with Mercury and the Moon making good aspects to the North Node. Do heighten awareness for several days after this New Moon as more positive opportunities and options may become visible. The North Node is associated with life purpose and life path.

One of the Sabian symbols for this New Moon is,”Birds in the house singing happily.”

Sabian symbol reference from Lynda Hill

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